Escape games by "Time Busters" in Vienna

Forget virtual worlds – get into the real one!

Are you looking for a thrilling challenge that requires all your senses to crack codes, solve riddles and reach a goal together with your friends? Well, you can find all that here at Time-Busters in Vienna! The tasks in our Room Escape Adventures will put you and your team’s tactical, logical and team playing abilities to the test. Choose your own setting and enter a world where the game comes to life, where time is against you and all your senses will need to be alert.

Will you make it before time runs out? It’s up to you to prove yourselves as secret agents, treasure hunters or detectives. However, whichever mission you choose, the headquarters in Vienna will be there to instruct you along the way.

To master the different challenges of our Room Escape Adventures and get to the finish, you will have to use all your powers of observation, combination skills, lateral thinking and you will have to work as a team. Be creative, solve the riddles and shine with your ingenious ideas; that’s how to accomplish your mission in 60 minutes!

Our Exit Games are a special kind of indoor adventures, the sort you only know from computer game simulations. Tell your friends about it, make a team and embark on exciting missions, with unexpected turns and surprising solutions. 60 minutes of breath-taking suspense with your friends in Vienna. The ultimate in leisure trends.

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