Escape Game Bomb, Exit the Room. Vienna.
Escape Game Bomb, Exit the Room. Vienna.
Escape Game Bomb, Exit the Room. Vienna.

Escape Game Bomb

Players 2—6 players
Age Age restriction 8+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 74—104 € per team

About the game Bomb

So you want adventure? Longing for excitement? Anyone can be James Bond once! Missions are what make an agent. The secret of big adventures lies in the small details. Look for the key in team-work! Your future is in your hands, so steel your nerves and don't wait till the end! The time of explosion is getting ever nearer! Challenge: no less than to deactivate an atomic bomb.

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Address escape game Bomb

Vienna, Hernalser Gürtel 20. K/1

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