Escape Game Illusion Room, Open the Door. Vienna.
Escape Game Illusion Room, Open the Door. Vienna.
Escape Game Illusion Room, Open the Door. Vienna.

Escape Game Illusion Room

Players 2—5 players
Age Age restriction 14+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 18—25 € per player

About the game Illusion Room

You are the pupils of an evil magician who entrusts to you many mysterious secrets. It happens that one day, the magician cannot find his magic book, in which he keeps all his dark secrets. Furious he accuses you of being the one who stole the book. You find yourself locked in a strange room. He gives you 60 minutes to hand over the book, otherwise he will apply his evil magic on you and you will wish that you never would have met him. Maybe you will find the magic book that can help you? Act before the last grain falls through the hourglass, otherwise your fate is sealed and you will remain trapped in this unreal world and freedom will become pure illusion ...

Photos escape game Illusion Room


Address escape game Illusion Room

Vienna, 1080 Wien Alser Straße 27/5
+43 0699 ... Show phone number

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