Street adventure Mission: The Tsar, Time Busters. Vienna.
Street adventure Mission: The Tsar, Time Busters. Vienna.
Street adventure Mission: The Tsar, Time Busters. Vienna.

Quest Mission: The Tsar

Players 2—8 players
Age Age restriction 8+
Time 180 min. to complete
Price 24—47 € per player

About the game Mission: The Tsar

What did this voice with Russian accent on the phone try to illuminate? A professor – he would have a harmless mission!

There are the Knights of the Buried Secrets hoarding up confidential information’s and powerful treasures. Their members believe that ordinary people do not deserve these treasures. The quest for power and the greed for belongings would create chaos and no one would understand them anyway. He himself would be a member of the Seeker. They are firmly convinced that every treasure belongs to all and every secret has to be revealed.

Between these orders an everlasting war erupted. In the year 1551 the Game of Secrets has been proclaimed. Since that time Seekers are to nominate a team of ordinary people to challenge the Knights of the Buried Secrets once a year. They must accept the challenge; bring the wager (treasure) on neutral ground and choice their weapons to test the team.

In order to prove that ordinary people are worthy of the treasure, they have to discover it within 3 hours. If they are successful, it will be handed over to the public immediately. If not, it is lost forever.

You are selected, face the challenge and make yourselves worthy for honourable missions.

Make a decision, come to Time-Busters Headquarters, take over the collected items of Prof. PERL and start your puzzle trail through Vienna. One teammate will be decorated with the talisman of the professor and your life will never be the same again!

Our Adventure Games in Vienna are group games for up to 8 players who are looking for an activity they can do together in their spare time. Three hours of cracking problems and puzzling out the trail thrills young and old players alike.

Though the game starts at Time-Busters headquarters, it will not end there. Due to the fact that this is an outdoor game, we recommend warm and comfortable clothes adapted to weather conditions. During the game you will use public transportation twice. Tickets are not included in our fees. An outdoor mission may be postponed until 11:00 o’clock on game day due to bad weather conditions. Check our GTC for further details.

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Address street adventure Mission: The Tsar

Vienna, Mosergasse 6/1 1090 Wien
+43(0)1 ... Show phone number

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